This website contains essential knowledge one needs in hope of seeking God's favor and help in the end-time tribulation that is now upon us. Each person must choose whether he or she is going to live by these truths of God that were revealed to Herbert W. Armstrong. These truths were taught throughout the world by God's apostle, yet the truth was rejected by the world.
For over fifty years God sent a powerful witness into the world concerning His truth. From the 1930s to 1986 Herbert W. Armstrong, pastor general of the Worldwide Church of God, preached the truth of God to a world engulfed in traditional Christian teachings, atheism, false religions, and moral corruption. Throughout his ministry and until he died in January of 1986, the Bible had never been so plainly taught as it was to millions over time by way of radio, television, and print. Never before this had the error in the world's religious practices been exposed in such a widespread manner. How did the world respond to such revelation? It reacted with scorn, ridicule, and apathy. God only drew a few thousand to the truth during that span of time. Through Herbert W. Armstrong, God gave great proof (a true witness) that even in a time of modern technology, mankind still rejects the truths of God as he has for nearly 6,000 years now.

We are now entering into a time of tremendous global destruction that will destroy billions and bring mankind to his knees, so that mankind will begin to listen to God's truth. The time of man's self-rule over the earth is rapidly coming to end, to be succeeded by the rule of Jesus Christ and the 144,000 who will be resurrected to reign with Him for the next 1,000 years.

God's witness about mankind stands true. None will be spared of hardship in the coming years and nothing that resists God will continue into the new age that is about to come. Now is the time to repent.

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